Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time to Change...

Okay, I did it. I've been talking about it for over a year now and I finally did it!

This morning, Liz and I met at church at 8:30am with scales in hand. The two of us marched into the conference room and started a fitness/wellness accountability group. Yeah, just the two of us. But it was awesome!

Last night (for no real reason), my mom just gave me her brand new BMI scale. She said she never uses it. Little did she know I've been thinking of buying one for the group! And then BAM! (God is good.)

So Liz and I toyed with it for a few minutes trying to figure out how to work it. It calculates your BMI, % water and weight based on height, age, gender, and fiteness level. Niiiiiiice!

Okay, so we got that part figured out and weighed in officially. No big surprises here, but hey, you need to start somewhere, right?! Right. Then I pulled out this old book my BFF gave me years ago called, Devotions for Dieters. I've looked at it from time to time, but never really got into it because of the big ol' D word on the front (diet...not devo). :) I've even thought about pitching it because I don't use it. But whaddya know! God's timing is perfect. Today's reading said exactly this, "Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do." 1 Thess 5:11. Did you get that???? Comfort yourselves TOGETHER and EDIFY ONE ANOTHER!!! Wait. There's more.

The short devo talked about a woman who struggled with dieting alone. Then she saw a notice on the church bulletin board about a group that dieted and exercised together, and she thought she'd give it a try. It made a huge difference in her success! She felt God led her to this group and was amazed at how she made new friends and how much she was able to help others!!!!

Liz and I about fell on the floor! This was just the confirmation we needed to start this group. In our excitement, we got up and walked 3 laps around the church. It took us 10 minutes. I had a blast getting winded and even broke a sweat! We could have done more, the time went so fast! But Liz had to go. But before she did, she promised she'd be back for more. :)

Okay, God. We're here. We're ready. We're armed with your word. Help us find others to get involved. We can do this. You want us to. Thank you for loving us!

So...see you next Saturday at 8:30am...FCC conference room. Bring your sneakers. We'll help you with the rest. Have a great week!

Faithfully His,


Brandi said... seems that my comment got lost. Oh, well. I'll try to get in touch with you tomorrow at church.

Brandi said...

I missed you at church today. I was in the nursery and then had to talk to someone else. By the time I was done, most people were gone.

If Jon gets back on second shift I'll be able to join you. Otherwise, I will have to see if my mom can watch the kids.

Brandi said...

How are the Saturday walks going?

By the way, I tagged you for a meme over at my blog.