Sunday, July 19, 2009

What I Learned In Church Today...

On the way home from church this morning, my daughter asked us all what we learned in Sunday School. First she asked my son, who replied, "I don't know. Nothing?" (He's five... and a guy, so I cut him some slack.) I chuckled and told her not to be too upset, if she asked her dad the same question he would probably say, "Stuff." (I was right.)

All of a sudden I raised my hand and said, "Ooo! I learned something!!" They were all very curious at my instant enthusiasm, so I finished by saying...

I learned this:
1. God speaks in to us.
2. Today I heard Him!
3. I need to do the "Ruth thing" (ref. Joel's sermon this morning at First Christian Church, 07/19/09.)
4. And... If I put my hope, faith, and trust totally in God, I will have no worries. :)

It was an amazing day. Glad I paid attention.

To be continued...


Brandi said...

I also liked that, "Do the Ruth thing!"

Do you know how many weeks will this sermon series be? The series is off to a great start!

lisa :) said...

God's Incredibles is a 4-week series. Craig will be preaching the next 2 Sundays, with Shane concluding on August 9.