Monday, January 5, 2009

A Few Resolute Words for 2009

Thank you to Kem Meyer and Chris Brogan for sharing this great blog... it really made me look at the new year with a stronger focus.

My 3 words for 2009 are:
Process. Follow. Weave.

Process: Document and streamline things in my life. I am a free-spirit, so it is hard for me to adhere to a routine. But with better planning I can become more organized and develop creative processes that can be used in my life, my home, and my ministries. Documenting will help keep me accountable and able to share the processes with others.

Follow: Follow Him, Follow-up, and Follow-through. Stop living life on the fence and get real with Jesus by following His lead. Follow-up as part of my process to help avoid the fray. Follow-through to be sure I do I what I say, instead of just saying what I hope to do.

Weave: Continue to help knit God's tapestry by building stronger connections with others through clear, intentional communications. Keep my eyes open for opportunity to build and strengthen community at home, at work, and at large.

Now you give it a try!
lisa :)

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